Testimonial - Bishop Stortford College



I would like to say how pleased we are with the two Reps we have had over the last few years.  Firstly with Steve Denton who over the years has been a fantastic help to us, advising on products and the way forward on matters concerning the grounds.  Over the years he has become a good friend.  With him finishing we were concerned who was going to take over but with Mark we have a great replacement.  With Steve and Mark there is no hard sell and it is a pleasure to deal with them.

Your products over the years have been very good.  I have been particularly impressed with the Activate R, something that I use on cricket squares an awful lot.  Your grass seed is excellent - we use R9 on our cricket squares and it germinates quickly and gives a lovely sward - it tolerates close mowing and recovers well.

This last year we have been using the Glider Marking Machine with Impact Paint - it gives a nice bright line and stands up well to rain when dry - an easy way to mark out especially when we have 15 pitches to mark - no mixing needed.

Your service is good, always within a week the delivery has arrived and that is all we can ask for.

Nigel Witherdon
Head Groundsman
Bishop Stortford College